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Grand Challenges Research

Actionable reports or briefs that consolidated and summarized recent research about catalysts or other grand challenges, allowing partners to ground their action in existing knowledge

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Advisory Groups

Sometimes called a Brain Trust or Strategic Advisory, a group of 100Kin10 partners, Teacher Forum members, and/or allies with specific expertise who act as advisors and thought-partners on a specific project often related to the high-leverage catalysts, by guiding research and analysis, contributing firsthand experience in and knowledge of the issue, helping to shape findings, and ensuring accuracy and relevance

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Research Scouts

Researchers who work with Project Teams and other partners to conduct focused research or explore specific questions to support partners to ground action in existing knowledge and not reinvent the wheel

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Catalyst Community

A loosely-connected group of partners, teachers, and allies working on the same high-leverage catalyst to share resources, ideas, and updates on progress being made on those catalysts

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Teacher Forum

STEM teacher leaders who help guide network priorities by sharing their own perspective and gathering broader viewpoints from fellow teachers

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Steal-This Session

A short meet-up or session, often incorporated into Summit or a larger event, for partners to share a “steal-worthy” concept—a strong practice, strategy, tool, or approach—and engage in discussion so that others can learn more and personalize the idea to their needs

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Feedback Session

A short meet-up or session, often incorporated into Summit or a larger event, for partners or Project Teams to request and receive feedback on in-progress work

Practice Your Pitch

A short meet-up or session, often incorporated into Summit or a larger event, for partners to practice delivering a clear and compelling idea to funders and to get direct feedback on the pitch from funders themselves


An online meet-up or event for partners and allies to connect around common challenges, share strategies and insights, and/or access special guests or information

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Shared Measures Survey

Series of targeted surveys designed to gather deep, comparative information from partner organizations about strategy, context, practices, research, and outcomes

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Research Design Competitions

A competitive opportunity for a partner to evaluate an element of its program through a randomized control trial led by a top-notch research or academic institution, resulting in findings that are applicable to and shared with many other partners

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100Kin10 Partners & Commitments

Our current 300+ partners — including the nation’s top academic institutions, nonprofits, foundations, companies, and government agencies, among others — have made over 500 commitments to the goal of preparing and supporting 100,000 excellent STEM teachers and addressing the underlying causes of why it’s so hard to get and keep great STEM teachers in the first place.