Our Impact

100Kin10 ignited a “decade of remarkable change"

A third-party evaluation conducted by Bellwether in 2021 found that “through their dedication, creativity, and transformational support for their partners," 100Kin10 enabled “a more connected, focused, and prepared community of actors, collectively driving impact on the STEM education field, on STEM educators, and on K-12 students.”


100Kin10 spurred five major advancements in the field of STEM teaching and learning, according to Bellwether.

Bellwether’s evaluation included dozens of interviews and an extensive review of network documents and public information: “In interview after interview, partners credited 100Kin10 with shaping and supporting a collective and coordinated effort that empowered network partners to drive systemic change for schools, teachers, students, and families on a level they could not have achieved alone.”

Bellwether also validated that 100Kin10 exceeded the 100,000 STEM-teacher goal.


100Kin10’s success stemmed from its ability to mobilize, coordinate, focus, and amplify the efforts of more than 300 leading organizations in the STEM and education fields. Together, those partners catalyzed change for schools, teachers, students, and families on a level they could not have achieved alone.

  • 108,656
    STEM teachers trained, and about 2.5 million STEM teachers supported
  • 345
    partner organizations, representing all 50 states and every sector, made 567 commitments to reaching the 100Kin10 goal
  • 100%
    of partners engaged in the network
  • $170M
    galvanized to support the work of partners
  • 9,147
    participations in network activity by 2,713 individuals
  • 106
    collaborative problem-solving teams comprised of 585 people generated new solutions to problems they identified
  • 215
    collaboration grants supported 181 partners to learn from and plan with each other face-to-face

Numbers only tell part of the story. These people tell the rest.


100Kin10’s success in simplifying a vastly complex problem and galvanizing action across the country accelerated positive shifts in the STEM education field that will better equip students to address current and future threats to our health, planet, and economy.


- Bellwether Education Partners