Grounding our Networked Action in the Known

100Kin10 supports partners to begin from what is known, rather than starting from scratch -- a core part of our approach to catalyzing action on the STEM teacher shortage and the Grand Challenges.

One way this comes to life is through the Brain Trusts and their leadership in how the network collectively tackles the highest-leverage catalysts. We kicked off work on each of our three catalysts (work environment for teachers, foundational math, and equity in high school STEM) by “getting smart” on the issue to enable the network to begin from a deep understanding of what is and isn’t working and target their efforts accordingly. In 2018, 21 partners joined the first Brain Trust focused on nurturing positive work environments for teachers. Together they led a comprehensive research effort, resulting in the creation of “Teachers at Work: Designing Schools Where Teachers & Students Thrive.” Darcy Moody, Director of Advocacy and Program Development with the Office of the Maricopa County School Superintendent, described how useful the report was:


“[100Kin10] helped develop an amazing [report] that we've used in all sorts of ways, from sharing it with districts, superintendents, with local legislators. It's really been important to be able to show that there are immediate things that can be done, and not incredibly complex things that can be done that can have a huge impact.”


In response to the significant upheaval in schools resulting from COVID-19, 100Kin10 engaged a wide range of teachers to update “Teachers at Work,” leading to a supplemental piece, “Teaching during the Great (un)Equalizer: Rebuilding Teacher Work Environments with Equity at the Center”. Many partners lauded these reports for their usability and applicability, and reported sharing them widely.