Site Visits Reveal Possibilities in STEM

Site Visits are “field trips” -- a peek inside the classrooms, laboratories, and boardrooms of other partners. They are opportunities to learn on another partner’s home turf and get an insider look at their operations.

In 2015, Gayle Spencer, who was the Residency Coordinator at Fresno Unified School District at that time, signed up for two site visits while she was in New York City for a 100Kin10 Unconference. Her first Site Visit could not have been more informative… or fun! “We had a session with Sesame Street, how can you not adore that?” Sitting under a Big Bird lamp, Spencer learned that Sesame Street has a curriculum for early STEM teachers, such as their Little Discoverers: Big Fun with Science, Math and More. They also talked about various aspects of early STEM learning, including preschool science and professional development for teachers.

The next day, Spencer visited the Science Friday studio, meeting with award-winning science correspondent, Ira Flatow, the show’s host and executive producer. As Flatow, producers, and technicians described the breadth of their work, Spencer appreciated how the popular radio show was yet another manifestation of STEM education and learning. Spencer walked away appreciating how the Site Visits revealed yet another way STEM can manifest in future opportunities for her students:


“They can be technicians or engineers at media organizations like Science Friday or Sesame Street.”